Ready or Not: The 6 Big Disruptions That Will Change The Way We Do Business

Winston Damarillo

Currencies without banks, cars without drivers, EDSA without billboards: These are just a few snapshots of a world transformed by technology in the year 2025. The Internet has unleashed a new wave of technological disruptions— online marketplaces, big data, peer-to-peer technology, rapid creation, robots, and more—that are already beginning to reshape our day-to-day lives. This technological revolution is enabling everyday entrepreneurship, putting more power into the hands of the customer, transforming the demand for jobs and skills, dissolving the boundaries between communities and geographies, and ushering in the decentralization of everything. It’s a whole new world, a whole new customer, and businesses will need to adapt with this reality in mind. In Ready Or Not, serial entrepreneur Winston Damarillo brings together his experiences from the Philippines and Silicon Valley to paint a picture of how digital disruption will change our reality over the next 10 years. What can businesses do to survive and thrive in the new game? A frenetic mix of case studies, ideas, personal anecdotes, and illustrations by acclaimed comic book artist Manix Abrera, Ready or Not is required reading for anyone looking to understand what the future holds for them.

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