Kaching! Kaching!

Dennis Malig Dizon

KACHING! KACHING! Which we coined to mean “the sound of money that you saved and not spend” is a financial literacy KOMIKSBOOK that aims to teach every Filipino how to manage, budget and invest their hard-earned money well. Inspired by real life stories of successful people who rose above the challenges of life, heartbreaking stories of real individuals who fell and lost but learned valuable lessons they will never forget, all 25 stories in KACHING KACHING will teach you how to make the right decisions with your money, where you can invest it and how you can grow your savings even more. Written and illustrated with funny yet light and heart-warming scenes, all the stories come with EASY LESSON TIPS like common financial terms, simple budgeting equations and tips on where to invest your money in.

Single Item for ₱260.00

Category: Business and Finance

Publisher: Bayan Komiks Inc.

Cover Price: N/A


On-Sale-Date: 2014/07/14

Print Length: 121 pages

Country: Philippines

File Size : 16.92 MB

Language: Tagalog

Interactive Size : N/A

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