Black Equation: The Forgotten Ones Free Sample

Natsuri Ayuko

18+ Content is not suitable for readers below 18 years old. Life is never easy. If it WERE , something's Bound to go wrong. An insanely talented and popular celebrity, Faye Summers seems to have everything. But for some reason, she feels incomplete and lost. In her glitzy and fast-paced world, the one person who has stood by her side is her childhood best friend, Jared. Out of impulse, Faye and Jared decide to suddenly run away from the limelight and disguise themselves as typical high school students. They enjoy a fairly simple life to the fullest, until she is caught in a strange incident which makes her a target of an assassin under the codename 06. Now her life takes on a different turn and is changed forever. Will Faye ever get the normal life she so desires, or has she gotten herself into a world far more puzzling and dangerous than she can imagine?

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Category: Novel / Mystery, Novel / Horror

Publisher: Summit Publishing Co., Inc.

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On-Sale-Date: 2014/10/31

Print Length: N/A

Country: Philippines

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Language: English

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  • Khayla

    Good story

    on April 13, 2016

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