The Maps That Contain Us

Marla Miniano

When your heart soars or sinks in ways that unmoor you, where do you go? To a house bathed with light up in the mountains, where you’ve been expected all along. To airport terminals and train stations, to empty streets and crowded cities, to a sleepy seaside town. To Tokyo, to Amsterdam, to Honolulu, to New York City. To Disneyland, a library, a funeral home, an apothecary. To a place where there are no crash landings. Somewhere you know by heart. Back to where it all began, retracing your steps until every corner feels like home. The authors of In Case You Come Back explore love, loss, life, and loneliness in this collection of poetry and prose, mapping out the disasters and triumphs we all navigate in hopes of finally finding our place.

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Category: Poetry, Novel

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On-Sale-Date: 2017/09/14

Print Length: 103 pages

Country: Philippines

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