We Are Married?!

Anna Tomas

Noneen Evangelista just wants to figure out a few things—why her ultimate crush Ralph De Guzman is so quiet, what it’s like to fall head-over-heels in love, and if she’ll ever be able pass math ku ng saan ang teacher niyang si Lawrence Alcantara ay lihim na asawa niya! Ang catch ay napilitan lamang si Noneen napakasalan ang super moody na si Lawrence dulot ng masasamang pangyayari sa nakaraan nila. Even when their past continues to haunt them, Noneen is still hopeful that better things will happen to her and her happily-ever-after. Susundin ba ni Noneen ang tawag ng puso niya or will she choose to fight and stay in a relationship with Lawrence when it seems like it was doomed from the start?

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Category: Novel / Romance

Publisher: Summit Publishing Co., Inc.

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On-Sale-Date: 2015/05/04

Print Length: N/A

Country: Philippines

File Size : N/A

Language: Tagalog

Interactive Size : N/A

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  • Alyssa

    walng COD???

    on September 20, 2018
  • Alyssa

    walng COD???

    on September 20, 2018

    anonh username ng author???

    on November 04, 2016
  • Eureka Happy


    on November 04, 2015
  • Grace

    maganda ang flow ng story at nakakatuwa ang mga gay lingo.

    on August 19, 2015

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