Nibiru Sunset

Simeon Rosales

This book contains facts and fictions on latest scientific updates of mysterious tenth planet. Setting depends on how we set our beliefs, how Vatican authorities in observatory stations set up information to us and how general public reacts. Because mankind is always at the stage of learning, science and technology remains fantasy and illusions otherwise a form of wisdom and folly. Yes technical accuracy is enhanced in particular fields of engineering and mechanics but we are almost uncertain in calculations and precision of things to come and gone. Deception is always the key factor in the past, present and future of mankind. Mortals like us were not equipped with knowledge and super mind as we serve the punishments of higher gods by having life. We are not in position to know or predict precisely what gods has to do with us because gods are perfect infinite fool. Another aspect on heinous crimes, religion, politics and governments are exposed in this book with all possible solutions recommended. Global societies should change by introduction of sacred reality and truths for better human civilization. Genuine civilization will never ever come to mankind if we adhere to pride, ego, mockery, deception and treachery in almost all aspects of life in the society. Conspiracy between religions and governments on Sacrificial Law System must end to promote goodwill and social order.

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