The Substitute Bride


“I need you to go to New York and pretend to be your twin sister.” That was the command Laila Fiorenza’s father gave her when her sister ran away from home just days before she had to meet her betrothed, the handsome, party-going, Greek shipping magnate, Nikos Pallis. But after being jilted in a previous betrothal, Laila had only one wish, which is to never be the second choice in love again. So, eager to go back to her sheltered life in Sicily and unwilling to do what her father commands, Laila comes clean to Nikos about the farce, hoping he would call off the wedding. However, Nikos had other plans, and he might just be willing to grant her wish.

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  • Antonette

    Nice One..Pero Kailan erelease yong Part 2 nito???

    on March 28, 2018

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