Operation: Break the Casanova's Heart Extended Edition

Aly Almario

10 Tasks To Accomplish 1. Make him notice you. 2. Differentiate yourself from other girls. 3. Get an invite to a date. 4. Make the said date memorable. 5. Make him take you seriously. 6. Ensure that he's dating you exclusively. 7. Snag an invite to meet his parents. 8. Get a kiss – a sincere one. 9. Be the best girlfriend he's ever had. 10. And finally, break his heart. In this mission, there is one and only one rule you must abide: Do not fall in love. If you you break this rule, the mission will be considered a failure. Your punishment will be severe.

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Category: Novel / Romance, Novel / Romance

Publisher: Summit Publishing Co., Inc.

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On-Sale-Date: 2015/11/17

Print Length: N/A

Country: Philippines

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Language: English

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  • Maxie Isabelle

    Paano mag order mygad

    on January 04, 2018
  • lorraine gay

    paano po mag order??

    on November 12, 2017
  • Maria

    Pano mag orderT_T

    on October 17, 2016
  • Khycie

    I want this book panu po mag order

    on July 23, 2016

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