Sharon Rose

A jaded ruler and a mysterious virgin… destiny will bring them together… only to break them apart. As the great king of the golden kingdom that sits atop the highest mountain in Bal-Mont, Gadreel thought that he was invincible. Until an unexpected enemy sent his defenses crumbling down, and took over his kingdom. Now, he was stripped of his honor, kicked to the curb, and was banished to the Earth, never set to return until the passing of the fiftieth blood moon. For the last five decades, he spent his life planning the Herculean mission to reclaim the kingdom that was taken away from him. But in order for his plans to prosper, he has to take Laura with him to Bal-Mont, and use her against the powers that be. But she could only traverse to his world if he will take her innocence and ruin her. It seems easy to do, but a real daunting task, for he was a gigantic monster, and she was still a friggin' virgin. But he must do it, by hook or by crook, or he could bid goodbye to the grand scheme he has plotted for fifty years to avenge his great loss, and claim back what was rightfully his. Living in a world where she doesn't fit in, Laura struggled to live a normal life. Unwanted by her own mother and bullied by her peers, she longs for love and acceptance. Until one day, at twilight, she finds herself lost in the heart of the dark forest. There, she meets a mystical creature who takes her in for a rough ride. It's a big leap into the darkness, but something she will never regret. Or maybe she will.

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Category: Novel / Adult Romance, Novel / Fantasy

Publisher: TBI Publishing House

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On-Sale-Date: 2015/07/31

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Country: Philippines

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