The Man of Her Dreams Book 1

Sharon Rose

Unlike many women, Diadem was a hardcore non-believer of marriage for love. She would rather prefer marriage for convenience, and vowed not to follow her parents' doomed marriage. A testament to what folks regard as 'how love turned bloody awry'. Iyon kasi ang dahilan kaya maaga siyang naulila sa mga magulang at lumaki sa pangangalaga ng mga yaya at tagataguyod. Until she met Vince, a top-notch charmer who could easily manipulate women with his gorgeous looks and sinfully, sexy body. With a whip of his finger, she found herself ditching her precious motto and craved for the otherwise - love and marriage. But Vince was the exact opposite of ‘The Man of Her Dreams’. He was rugged, dangerous and utterly unpredictable. He was the reincarnation of the infamous Judas. In fact, she baptized him with that moniker for quite some time. But boy oh boy, she did fall in love with him... fast and hard. Just when things were going smoothly between them, Vince dropped her like a hot potato. That was when she found out that he was out to seek revenge, and was hell-bent to make her life a living mess. Pero hindi lamang ang sikreto ni Vince ang kanyang natuklasan. She was unprepared to discover her own dark past, and the crime that she had unknowingly committed a long time ago. A crime that would forever haunt her even up to her grave.

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Category: Novel / Tagalog Romance, Novel / Adult Romance

Publisher: TBI Publishing House

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ISSN : 978-971-9664-11-6

On-Sale-Date: 2015/03/10

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Country: Philippines

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Language: Tagalog

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