Must Date The Playboy

Imma delos Santos

Victoria “Tori” Peige is ensconced in a glittering world of wealth and glamour. But she sees herself as someone more suited in a supporting role: a bookworm and a shadow to her sun-kissed best friend and high school queen bee, Chloe. That’s why Zachary Anderson, the hot, notorious playboy, has his eyes fixed only on Chloe until Tori approaches him with a proposition. “I know I’m not the type of girl that you usually go out with. I’m not sexy, I’m not attractive and I’m no fun. I’m plain and boring with no charm at all. The only thing good about me is probably my brain, which everyone also finds boring. But I must ask you this… Mr. Zachary Anderson, can I be your girlfriend?" How long can you fake being in love before it turns into the real thing? Tori and Zach are about to find out.

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Category: Novel / Romance

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On-Sale-Date: 2014/02/26

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  • Rafirstka

    I love it very muchh😂😂♥️♥️

    on July 04, 2015
  • Maria Carmen


    on March 20, 2015

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