Until Forever Book 1

Sharon Rose

Mia went to Jasmin Mountain Resort for only one reason - to secure her inheritance. And that will only happen with the help of the person she hated with all her heart, her biological mother, the owner of the resort. But when she found out that Jasmin was sick, she had a change of heart. Now, she didn't only want to see her mother just for the sake of her inheritance, she wanted to take care of her, too. But she was not prepared to be greeted by a powerful force in the form of tall, dark and irresistibly gorgeous John Micheal Travilla, her mother's stepson. Micheal made it clear to her from the very start that he thinks she is an impostor out to gain access to the Travilla fortune. But she will not let this man get in the way of her plans, come hell or high water! Ipaglalaban niya ang karapatan niya bilang tunay na anak ni Jasmin. Siya ang dapat na nag-aalaga sa kanyang sakiting ina at hindi ang stepson nito. But Micheal had the power and money to stop her from getting to her mother. But she won't easily give up. She will give him a fair fight. Pero nalagay sa bingit ng alanganin ang buhay ng kanyang ina. And when tragedy struck, Micheal ended up offering her marriage, which she accepted. Now they were husband and wife, each other's worst enemy. But passion cannot be denied...

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Category: Novel / Tagalog Romance, Novel / Adult Romance

Publisher: TBI Publishing House

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ISSN : 978-971-9664-17-8

On-Sale-Date: 2015/06/19

Print Length: N/A

Country: Philippines

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Language: Tagalog

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