The Boy Next Door Part Two

ScribblerMia (Mia Cortez)

CONTENT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR READERS BELOW 16 YEARS OLD: Finally, Karl and Astrid are now a couple! Pero things seem to be getting challenging para sa dalawa. Aside from the pressures of their academic endeavors, may malaking kinakaharap na problema si Karl at ang kanyang fraternity. While Astrid has already come to terms with Karl's frat and its members, the issues that the frat face do not sit well with her, which puts a strain on their relationship. Idagdag pa diyan si Mike, ang malapit na kaibigan ni Astrid, at si Harold, Astrid's first love. Lalo pang magiging complicated ang lahat when Astrid is forced to choose between her relationship with Karl and her friendship with Mike. Sino ang pipiliin niya? And how will her decision affect the people she cares about?

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