God At The Borders

Various Authors

From the ATS Theological Forum topic of the same title, various theologians tackle the challenges of this new global world from a biblical, theological and missional perspective. This world, where millions of people are on the move due to war, natural disasters, and ever changing global economic realities, is, at the same time, vastly connected so much so that teaching and ministry of a church in New York and Nairobi can be available to church leaders in Manila or Shanghai. This volume highlights the mission opportunities of a world on the move as people relocate and seek to find "home," and hopefully, home with God and the community of faith. Also, it recognizes that much of the biblical story is one of God being with His people in transition and on the move. God is indeed the Migrant God. And it acknowledges that our theologizing can't be static but dynamic as we seek to re-appropriate the long wisdom of the church for ever-changing times and contexts.

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