The Gung Ho Lady

Arlene Manocot

DARKNESS is buried within the deepest part of her soul. A blurry past unceasingly haunts her passive and calm universe and her distorted mind is a burden she can’t get over with. Involved in a murder case, will she be able to prove her innocence? Margaux Dela Cruz has always viewed the world as a place for repentance. A place to pay the debt of sins, a place where humans pay the price of being alive. The price that can never be sufficed by anyone in this world and while praying for the permanency of her everlasting solitude, men, creatures from another herd, appears and bedlam begins to ensue in her once placid life. A story of Sins. Repentance. And Love.

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Category: Novel / Mystery, Novel / Short Story

Publisher: Arlene Manocot

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On-Sale-Date: 2016/06/24

Print Length: N/A

Country: Philippines

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Language: English

Interactive Size : N/A

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