It's Just Love

Jessica Larsen

Serene Ramos is a self-confessed, “straight-laced” Filipina teenager who loves rules and order, but puts on a bad-girl act at school to satisfy her more extroverted identical twin, Trinity. The two have started playing a dating game where Serene tests Trinity’s prospective boyfriends, by posing as her sister. Unlike Trinity, though, Serene doesn’t want a boyfriend. But then she meets Zane, a troubled “bad boy,” whom she hated at first, but soon struck up a charged friendship that later turned to love, which became a reason for Serene to turn into the kind of promiscuous person that she once hated. However, over the course of two dramatic high school reunions, the nature of Serene and Zane’s bond changed forever.

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Category: Novel / Romance

Publisher: Jessica Larsen

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On-Sale-Date: 2014/06/18

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